Newborn Session Tips

My favorite time to photograph newborns is in their first 4-12 days of life. Beautiful images can be made at any age, but it is during this time that the most artful poses may be achieved. At this age babies are still almost as pliable and “curly” as they were in the womb. They also usually sleep very heavily, and it’s also before the onset of any possible baby acne or colic. All of these factors make calming and posing easier, and it makes the more difficult poses possible.
Beyond about 2 weeks of age, any poses that require the baby to be in a deep sleep may become impossible.


When to book your newborn session?

The best time to call to schedule your newborn session is before the baby is born, in order to ensure availability- although I do leave time in my schedule to accommodate new arrivals each week.
I will pre-book your session based on your due date. Since I never know exactly when your new little bundle will arrive I will secure the actual date once you deliver. This allows me not to over schedule the weeks surrounding your due date.


How long it will take?

I typically spend about 2-3 hours creating in your newborn session. I am very detailed oriented and spend a great deal of time getting perfect hand/feet placement, facial expressions, ect.
This time block also allows time for feeding/nursing, changing set-ups, and calming/nursing baby back to sleep between set-ups changes.


What should I wear?
Clothing Optional: Many parents may want to spend hundreds of Swiss franks preparing for their newborn’s photo shoot. Yet, buying an entire new wardrobe is not necessary. Please remember to wear solid color clothes, they look good on pictures.

The ‘bare baby’ picture is usually the favorite one of parents and one that will be treasured for generations to come. Consider using a variety of accessories at the photo shoot. Special blankets can provide colors and textures that will enhance the photo’s appearance and just add to the heirloom nature of your portraits. Though it’s the fad at the moment, many props are generally not necessary as you want the focus on your baby.


Full Tummy ?
This can be a little tricky for new parents; however a full tummy is always best before a photo shoot. A well fed baby will give you a content, sleepy, little one, ready to pose for the camera. I usually recommend feeding before you leave for the studio and then I will add any needed feedings throughout the session. Be sure to bring an extra couple bottles if you have them though all baby photographers will give time for nursing if needed as well.


Turn up the heat?

Keeping room temperature in mind is important for baby’s photo shoot. Your baby will be more comfortable with a warmer temperature. A warm baby will curl up and pose for a picture perfect session. I usually say if the adults are sweating then the baby is comfortable 😉 so dress light or in layers.



Yes, everyone wants the perfect holiday card or birth announcement. However remember, sometimes wide awake babies create the most precious and memorable shots. Let your baby decide if he or she feels like smiling or sleeping and go with it. You’ll love the pictures no matter what. Your baby will feed on your mood and energy so be sure to stay relaxed and calm.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare yourselves and baby for their first photo shoot. It’s a momentous occasion that will last forever, however sometimes the more natural the better. Have fun and enjoy this special occasion with your new baby!


When I will get my pictures?

During the session we will let you know expected lead time, usually it is taking about 10 days to deliver finished post processed images to selection.


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