Milestone Session Tips

Milestone Session Tips

  • If your child has something unique that helps showcase their personality, bring it! (special lovie or toy etc.)
  • Have several outfits on hand it is great to have them as a backup in the event of spills or “accidents”. Even if your baby doesn’t like being changed, it’s better to have it on hand just in case. Take some material or jeans pants.
  • Bring Snacks and drinks. I don’t know about you, but when I haven’t eaten I can get seriously hungry (just in case you live under a rock this is getting angry when you are hungry). If possible I like to work in 5-10 minute segments and give babies plenty of time in between to do what they want. Snacks and drinks on hand help keep them happy and also give me something to be funny and play games with,
  • Set aside anything special you want to bring. Have snacks packed and ready day before.
  • Make sure you give your baby a bath the night before so you aren’t rushing through it the day of.
  • Check to make sure teeth, hands, and hair is free of debris before you leave.
  • Stay Calm. Even the most serene of mothers can crack if she waits until the last minute (I know, I’ve been there!). The reason I want parents to be calm is that your emotions are infectious, and I promise you they rub off on to your child. It’s much more challenging to get real smiles from a child who’s mommy has been fretting in front of them all morning.
  • My last tip is for parents. It’s more work than you think to get ready for your baby’s milestone session. Don’t wait until the last minute to get everything together, because I promise it will stress you out!


Prepare as much as you can in advance and you’ll have given yourself the best chance to stay calm the day of your session.


The milestone session is a fantastic way to capture that love and help take your mind back to that point in time.

Milestone sessions are a bit magical. You love the images when you get them back, but something happens as time passes. That image comes to mean something else entirely as your child grows. Year after year as you walk by the images on your wall, or flip through your album, that feeling of “isn’t he/she so cute and sweet?” is replaced by a sentimentality that is really hard to explain.

I have images like these and they are more valuable than gold to me. When I see them they fill my heart, sometimes even with sadness or longing to have that moment back. Seeing them each day reminds me how important it is to enjoy TODAY, because it will be a memory just like those pictures much sooner than I think. I am truly blessed to document this special time for my clients.