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Anna Kulesza Photography

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Anna and I am a newborn photographer living in canton of Zurich, Switzerland and also founder of Anna Kulesza Photography.

I’m an imaginative, fresh, inspired photographer with a passion for maternity, newborn photography as well as beautiful portraits. I grew up in Poland and now since several years I’m based in a Canton of Zurich, Switzerland.


I have achieved education in the area of  Graphic Design. After it I began my photographic education as my husband assistant. Attending weddings and photo shoots, I always had one eye on the face, one eye on the photographer.

I am ALWAYS thinking about photography. It never ends. My brain takes snapshots everywhere I go and because of this, I have a very keen photographic memory. This comes in to play often when my husband can’t find something and I can tell him precisely where I last saw it, even if it was months ago!

My true passion is photographing newborns. Since years I have mastered my skills to have best quality for the families. Capturing the moments that will become your little miracles biography.

The newborn session is a fantastic way to capture that love and help take your mind back to that point in time.

Newborn sessions are a bit magical. You love the images when you get them back, but something happens as time passes. That image comes to mean something else entirely as your child grows. Year after year as you walk by the images on your wall, or flip through your album, that feeling of “isn’t he/she so cute and sweet?” is replaced by a sentimentality that is really hard to explain.

Becoming a mother was the true catalyst that caused my love of photography to blossom.
I love to photograph children and I am constantly inspired by my two young boys.
Capturing the raw beauty and innocence of children — mine and others — is a complete rush!

In 2015 I became member of International Photographer Association, and also I’m featured as Best Newborn Photographer!

Working with you will be pure pleasure for myself.